Personal details are utilized by the company in accordance to article 5 of the Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law of 2001 (138 (I) / 2001). Details voluntarily submitted by Users of the above mentioned web site are used by the Company in order for Users to have immediate and effective communication with the Company, to provide Users with answers to any questions arising and to process their orders. The Company does not share e-mail addresses or any other information regarding their Clients and website users with any other organisation or associate that is not connected to the Company’s website.

The Company has the ability to use cookies to facilitate and operate its services through its website. The cookies are text-files which are sent and stored on a user’s computer enabling websites, such as the one in question, to function unimpeded and without technical problems, to collect multiple user choices, to identify regular users, to facilitate their access to the website, and to collect data for the improvement of the website’s content. Cookies do not cause faults to either the user’s computer or the files in which they are stored. Cookies are used to supply users with information and to process orders. Cookies are vital for the correct and smooth running of the website

The Company is committed to the protection and safe-keeping of data collected from the users of its website. The Company has adopted measures which protect personal data submitted through the website or any other means (e.g. telephone). These measures protect personal data from any unauthorised access or disclosure, loss, improper use, change or destruction. It also serves to verify that the data is correct and that it is being used correctly.