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Clutch, featuring Lefkaritiko lace. Embroidered on both sides on pink linen with beige thread. On the one side the central design is made up of a large frame with a ‘straogazo’ at the centre forming the ‘Milo’ apple. Two smaller frames with suns and ‘sourafia’ can be seen on the right and left of the bag. On the other side ‘Sourafoti margarita’ (daisy),  layered ‘deti margarita’, cut square with ‘sourafi’ and cut ‘arvalotes’ and bell-shaped ‘kambanoulles’. There is a light beige lining underneath the linen to make the design stand out. The silk based lining is made in a combination of colours, corda for the body and deserto colour for the collar and pocket. The sides and the base of the bag are made of suede in beige color. Closes with two invisible magnets. One of a kind.


Bag measurements: 29 x 20 cm

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Weight 1.5 kg